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Renew all things in Christ


What is the IVE Meeting?

IVE Logo

The IVE Meeting is an International Gathering of our Religious Family, in which all members of our Third Order, Youth Group (Voces Verbi) and Family and Friends together with our various collaborators throughout the world and all those who are conscious to the importance of cultural evangelization are invited.

We profess all together our firm belief in establishing all authentic human realities in Christ.  We want to form, together with the members of the Institute of the Incarnate Word, one family, united in the same faith, the same aim, the same mission, with the same charism, the same character and the same spirit.

Our Purpose

We fervently wish to direct all temporal things to God, establishing all of them in Jesus Christ, manifesting Him to others, principally by the testimony of Christian life under the light of faith, hope and charity, doing all for the glory of God, our Creator and Redeemer.

The second aim of this gathering is that it may be the start of a renewed and accurate apostolic desire through which our lay people, collaborating with our religious, may be an effective help in the evangelization of culture.

Our Laity may help our Religious in the different areas in which this evangelization aim takes place. For instance:

  • In the Spiritual Exercises

  • Publishing magazines, books. etc…

  • Courses of Catholic Culture

  • Parish assistance

  • Foundation of schools

  • Family Apostolates

  • Oratories

  • Catechism for Children

  • Supporting our Missionaries

  • Assisting our Works of mercy towards those most in need

  • Informatic assistance through social media and our Websites.

Scopi dell'incontro

When does it take place?

The gathering will take place from Tuesday 30th of July to Saturday 3rd of August, 2019

Time remaining




Quando sarà


The gathering will be held in Rome at the FRATERNA DOMUS, a splendid structure that holds more than a thousand guests. It has two large conference rooms, apt for simultaneous translations into the different languages of the participants, air-conditioned rooms, gardens for moments of recreation and more lounges and halls perfect for doing more activities for different age groups. Finally, there is a spacious Church for the important moments of prayer and a pleasant walkway with beautiful views, ideal for processions in honor of the Most Holy Eucharist and the Blessed Virgin Mary. 

Fraterna Domus

Via Sacrofanese, 25, 00188 Rome


Luogo dell'incontro

The Fraterna Domus


In order to be able to cover the expenses of this event, we kindly request all participants to pay a fee. This fee includes: Registration, Food and Drink, accomodation, Printing material (booklets, guides, etc...), use of Rooms (Lounges and Conference Hall, etc.)      

Adults (19 years old and above): €230
Teenagers (15-18 years old): €200
Children (5-14 years old): €160
Children  (0-5 years old): free

We are looking for alternative help in order to financially support large families, especially those with more than three children. If you want to help, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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