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Cfnm Gametime




KindaRandom Updates Join the newsletter! Join our newsletter. Yes, I want to receive offers and promotions from CFNMFanatics. You can unsubscribe at any time. The HeV-X-4 keyboard and mouse combination performs flawlessly with all software and devices. Another thing that really impressed me about the HeV-X-4 is the number of USB ports. Could anyone share their experiences with a HeV-X-4? Is it a great deal for the price? It looks like the CFNMFanatics website is suffering from a virus that is not allowing customers to leave any negative reviews or even reply to any support requests. If anyone can figure out how to reply to my support request, that would be great. All the good ones. This is a great keyboard. Super fast as well, but if you want more than 2 USB devices, you have to add a hub or two and that can get expensive. I've used it with my xbmc media center. I love this keyboard. I'm using it on both of my laptops. I even bought another one for my desktop. These are great little keyboards and even more of a bargain than I thought they'd be. I got mine for $22. I got mine for $35 and they only last me a year so I wouldn't pay more than that. For the price it's a steal! You'll find lots of options for mice in these keyboards but they all suck in their own way. My two biggest complaints about this keyboard is that the mouse plug is kinda flimsy and after 4 months of using this keyboard I've already had to replace the mouse pad. I also wish they would put an on-off button on it like on the other keyboards that I've used. I got one of these for a really good price. The only problem is the backlighting gets turned off during the day and you can barely tell it's working. Maybe they'll fix that eventually. It has a pretty good feel to it. The keys are soft but responsive. It's got two USB ports which is nice. This keyboard is by far the best deal out there. You really don't get a better keyboard for that low of a price. Plus it's well made and it feels good. I've been using one of these for the last 5 months and haven't had any problems with it at all. This is an amazing keyboard. If you are looking



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Cfnm Gametime

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